Letter Balls

Prep: 10 Minutes / Activity Time: 15 Minutes

Some children need many repetitions before they really know letter names and sounds without hesitation. Making activities fun and novel will help children learn without feeling like they are being drilled. In this entertaining activity, your child will use ping-pong balls to reinforce letter knowledge.

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Musical Letters

Prep: 5-10 Minutes / Activity Time: 10-15 Minutes

Add some musical fun to your child’s quest for letter knowledge. Your child will love marching around the alphabet letters to music.

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My Writing Area

Prep: 20-30 Minutes / Activity Time: 15-20 Minutes

Providing many opportunities for your child to write with a variety of items is the key to promoting the foundation for the love of writing. Just as you read daily with your children, set aside time and dedicated space for your child’s drawing and writing.

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