Rich sensory experiences (like feeling different textures) help introduce fine motor hand movements, which can strengthen beginning reading and writing skills as your baby grows.

You can help develop your child’s decision-making and problem-solving skills by talking about real-life situations that impact health and safety.

Rhyming is a skill that takes a lot of practice. Your child can practice rhyming through this fun game that incorporates music, movement and rhyme.

In this activity, your child will take a familiar poem and add illustrations to it. It might even become part of a poetry book created by your child.

The most fun thing to do with fruit is to eat it, but we can have fun with our other senses, too! In this activity, your child will use his five senses to describe various fruits or snacks.

This activity will give your child a chance to use one of his favorite alphabet books to expand his awareness and use of letter-sound correspondence.

Let your preschooler have fun identifying and naming objects with this Picture Toss game that will get her moving and laughing. It’s an engaging way to help build your child’s vocabulary.

Help your preschooler understand and use descriptive words as she collects and sorts household items by defined characteristics. A strong vocabulary will help your child become a better reader.

A rich vocabulary is important to reading comprehension. This activity provides a simple way to help your preschooler develop her vocabulary through exploring everyday objects.