Here’s a fun, simple way to introduce your child to the different parts of words using pictures from a magazine and a few index cards.

To grasp and control pencils and crayons, your toddler needs plenty of time to explore and experiment with appropriate materials that develop fine motor skills. Encouraging him to push toy cars or trucks around is a fun way to give him some fine motor practice.

This activity gives your child lots of opportunities to practice pairing of letter names and letter sounds.

Your baby is learning to notice sounds all around her more and more each day. Try making noisy socks for her to listen to the sounds of her world.

Playing with a flashlight is a lot of fun for babies. Imagine the fun your baby will have if you transform the light from the flashlight to a geometric shape!

This activity uses bottle caps in a variety of sizes and colors. Your child will have fun examining the similarities and differences he sees.

This outdoor activity will allow your child to experience a new way of drawing on a unique surface with a paint brush, just like a grownup! Be sure to plan this activity on an “ok to get wet” day.

At this age, drawing is an important stage in your child’s writing and a way for her to express his creativity. Talk to her as she draws and engage her in conversation to get a glimpse of how she is organizing her ideas.

Here is an opportunity to engage your child in a two-part activity that will strengthen those fine motor muscles of the hand and fingers.

If your baby has started to scoot or crawl, he may enjoy the challenge of having to navigate over or around obstacles. This is a fun way to develop motor skills.