Many 5-year-olds can name words that rhyme when asked. Invite your child to show you what he knows about rhyme with this fun game. It will get your child moving and will help him to practice quickly identifying rhyming words.

When you play simple word games with your 4-year-old, you are teaching him that spoken words are made up of individual sounds and that words can be broken into smaller parts. In this game, your child will learn to listen carefully to the first sound in a word and then “guess your word” by blending the remaining sounds together.

If your preschooler delights in all things silly and fun, he will enjoy this game. As you play together, you will be helping your child pay attention to the ending sounds in words, and helping him discover what it means when we say that two words rhyme.

Your 3-year-old has gained good control over her large muscles and probably enjoys hopping, running and jumping all over your house. She is also probably able to follow simple two-step instructions. This activity combines these skills in a fun way, allowing your child to practice listening for beginning sounds.

There’s a good chance your 3-year-old loves to talk and has gotten pretty good at it! Now you can work on strengthening his developing listening skills. This fun game will help your little one listen carefully and discover that words can break apart into smaller sound units.