Here’s a fun way to turn an everyday routine like riding in the car, into a powerful oral language experience!

Learning to focus on sounds helps pave the way for later accomplishments in phonological awareness, and that’s important for future reading and spelling skills.

You can foster important language connections by playing a funny guessing game with your child!

Here’s a fun, simple way to introduce your child to the different parts of words using pictures from a magazine and a few index cards.

Rhyming is a skill that takes a lot of practice. Your child can practice rhyming through this fun game that incorporates music, movement and rhyme.

In this activity, your child will take a familiar poem and add illustrations to it. It might even become part of a poetry book created by your child.

You can expose your child to the names of animals as well as the awareness of beginning sounds in words with this alliteration activity.

This outdoor activity will allow your child to experience a new way of drawing on a unique surface with a paint brush, just like a grownup! Be sure to plan this activity on an “ok to get wet” day.

Your child is probably starting to identify and read some signs and frequently viewed words. Capture some of these words with your camera and use the photos to create a book that he can read all by himself!

Using textured surfaces and bright colors is a great way to introduce your baby to letters and shapes! This do-it-yourself easy touch and feel board will quickly become a favorite toy!