Prep: 5 Minutes / Activity Time: 7-10 Minutes

Using the thumb and index finger to pick up objects is a big advancement in fine motor development. By the ninth or tenth month your child is becoming more skilled at this. It is these early experiences that prepare your child to have the fine motor and eye-hand coordination she will need later for drawing and writing. So, let your child play and explore!

Small-size finger foods

Step 1: Place small-size finger foods that are safe for your baby to eat on the tray of her high chair. If your baby is not yet eating solid foods on her own, wait and do this activity at another time.  

Step 2: Place a bowl on the tray. Show your baby how to pick up a piece of food and drop it into the bowl.

Step 3: See if your baby will copy you and do it too. If your baby decides to eat it instead, that’s okay. This is a yummy way to give your child practice in using the thumb and index finger to pick up objects.