This children’s book is the classic story of a lonely little bear named Corduroy whose dream is to be adopted by his very own family. Published in 1968, the book continues to be a favorite.

Published in 1960, this classic children’s book has truly passed the test of time. If you loved this book as a kid, you can relive great childhood memories as you read it to your child or grandchild.

This activity uses bottle caps in a variety of sizes and colors. Your child will have fun examining the similarities and differences he sees.

Take a look at some recommended books that have lots of rhyme and language repetition to help expose your preschooler to important phonological awareness skills in a fun and natural way.

Give your child fine motor practice in the sand with this quick and simple activity. It’s failure-free and lots of fun!

The slight distinctions between letters can be confusing to children. This fun activity lays the foundation for being able to distinguish similarities and differences in letters.

Let your preschooler have fun identifying and naming objects with this Picture Toss game that will get her moving and laughing. It’s an engaging way to help build your child’s vocabulary.

Preschool children enjoy hearing and experimenting with rhymes. Next time you ask your child to clean up his toys, turn it into a fun rhyming game!

Your child's first name is very special to him and holds emotional appeal. This activity will give him practice finding the letters in his name. Those are the letters that he will most likely learn first.