Follow Maisy as she helps Mommy Hen find her ten chicks. This wonderful book introduces children to many animals and objects that can be found on a farm, while illustrating the concept of counting to ten.

Read along as the main character journeys through the farm — meeting some interesting and noisy friends along the way. The author’s use of predictable text and rhyming verses will build your child’s excitement about reading and help develop beginning reading skills.

This is a great book for any child who enjoys trucks, machines, and construction projects. Your budding reader will be happy to join in and sing along with the rhythmic melody and predictable text.

How do we know what animals say when they say what they say with their sounds every day? Your little one will enjoy the colorful illustrations and rhythmic patterns in this adorable story.

Dig! is the perfect book for any construction enthusiast. Your child is invited to follow Mr. Rally and his dog, Lightening, as they enjoy a busy day of digging. The descriptive illustrations and repetitive text will make it easy for him to read along.

How far will a monkey and his friends go to get some bananas from an island across the sea? Read this book to find out! Your child will enjoy the adventures of this brave and clever monkey while exploring counting, problem solving and other early literacy concepts.

This heartwarming and silly book uses barnyard animals to tell a story about accepting others.

It’s Mine! is a clever story about three young frogs that refuse to share anything on the island until a fierce storm forces them to work together. This beautifully illustrated book demonstrates the power of friendship and sharing.

Introduce the traditional nursery rhyme Star Light, Star Bright, and find out what your child would wish for. These types of language opportunities help to build vocabulary and confidence in talking and sharing.

Drawing opportunities allow your child to work on the coordination she needs to hold a crayon, keep the paper still, and apply enough pressure to make her mark.