Author: Maya Ajmera and Alex Fisher

12 to 17 Months Nonfiction

A book of photos taken around the world of children with their best friends: their dogs! The simple text talks about all the reasons why we love our dogs, all the ways we have fun with them and how we care for each other. From puppies to full grown dogs, pedigrees to mutts, your child will love looking at these pictures of children and their pups.

Before, During and After Reading

Relate the book to your child’s own experiences with dogs. If your child has a dog, call the dog over; if not, use a toy dog. Pet and talk about the dog, look at her face and body, and talk about dogs: what they eat, where they sleep, what sounds they make when they are happy, sad or mad.  

Introduce the front cover of the book and talk about what you see. As you read the title, ask your child to touch the “kid” in the picture. For example: “Let’s look at this book. It is called A Kid’s Best Friend byMaya Ajmera and Alex Fisher. Touch the picture of the dog. What is this? Yes, it’s a dog. This dog is this child’s best friend.”


Look at the photographs. Talk about the locations where the pictures were taken, what the children are wearing or what the dog looks like. You might say: Look at this photograph. What do you see? I see a dog riding in a boat. What is the girl doing with her dog? They are running.


Relate the book to real life experiences. Bring attention to similarities of the photographs and your child’s life experiences. Plan a day when you can take your own photographs with a friendly pet. Use the photographs to create your own book.

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