Author: DK Publishing

12 to 17 Months NonfictionPredictable Text

Now that your toddler can turn the pages in a book and is eager to try and solve problems, this interactive chunky board book is just right for him. Someone or something is hiding under inviting flaps. Your toddler will need to move a flap to answer each question posed.

Before, During and After Reading

Sit and explore the book together. Let your toddler hold the book and name the pictures he sees on the front cover. Assist as needed to make this a fun and successful experience for your child.

Oral Language

Read the pages with an expressive voice to emphasize the mystery of the question. Let your toddler lift the flap as you read the next words with excitement! Ask your child to touch and name any of the pictures he knows. Touch and say the names of the pictures your child doesn’t know. If your child owns an item shown in a picture, bring it to his attention and relate it to his world. An example might be, You have a duck just like that in your bathroom!

Oral Language

Gather some items and play a hiding game similar to the book. Hide familiar items behind something, inside something, under, next to, etc. Remember to use a dramatic voice to add mystery. For example, say Who’s hiding inside that basket? or under that blanket, behind that chair, next to that box. Let your child go and find it and tell you what it is. Assist as necessary and cheer and applaud all attempts.

Look at the last page of the book where small pictures of all the items are displayed. Say the name, or a sound or a description of an item and encourage your child to find and touch the picture.

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