Author: Pictures by Joy Allen

6 to 11 Months Nonfiction

As your baby grows, his need to vocalize demands will increase. You can help your baby communicate with sign language, using the 13 signs found in this board book. Each page has an illustration of a baby acting out a word or phrase through signs like “milk” and “all done.” The corresponding words are printed below the picture, along with an explanation of how to perform the sign. There are also miniature pictures that detail the hand motions for caregivers.

Before, During and After Reading

Take the time to become familiar with the book and the sign language in it. Use the print and pictures to learn the signs for yourself first.

Make sure to notice your baby’s attention level. You don’t need to read the entire book in one sitting.  Show your baby just a page or two with the related hand motions if your baby tends to become disinterested easily. Follow your baby’s cues to know whether to continue reading or to stop.  

Use the hand signs as part of your baby’s daily routine. Let your baby see your hands as you say aloud what you are signing.

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