Author: Sandra Magsamen

6 to 11 Months Poetry/Songs

The bright and colorful pages of this board book and the wiggles of the soft plush antennae will keep you and your baby cuddling. As your little one listens to the sweet rhymes and your soothing voice, she will be reminded of how much she is adored.

Before, During and After Reading

Letter Knowledge and Print Awareness

Position your little one comfortably in your lap, holding her close. Allow her to touch and explore the book if interested. Point to the bee on the cover and talk about what you see.

Phonological Awareness

Read the poem or sing it as a lullaby to your own tune. As your baby listens to the rhythm of the rhyme or song, she is listening to the sounds of our language.

Oral Language

As you give your baby a gentle hug, say her name and tell her how much you love her. Point out all the things you love about her from her cute little toes to her big rosy cheeks. Watch your baby smile at the sound of your voice and the soft touch of your hands.

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