Author: Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha

3-Year-Olds Storybooks

Dig! is the perfect book for any construction enthusiast. Your child is invited to follow Mr. Rally and his dog, Lightning, as they enjoy a busy day of digging. The descriptive illustrations and repetitive text will make it easy for him to read along.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Stimulate your child’s curiosity and support his vocabulary development by doing a “picture walk” through the book. As you flip through the pages, focus more on the illustrations than the words. You might also introduce new words that relate to the pictures (like overalls, backhoe and landslide). Provide a simple and child-friendly definition for each word.



Oral Language

As you read, be sure to ask a variety of questions to check for your child’s comprehension of the story.

You might ask:

What do you think will happen next?

Dig up rock and dig up __________! Dig up dirt and dig all __________!”

How many digging jobs did Mr. Rally have today? Did he finish all of them?

What do you think Mr. Rally should plant in his garden?

Remember to bring special attention to any new vocabulary words you introduced before the story.

Beginning Writing

Just like Mr. Rally, your child can create a list of jobs or chores while improving his beginning writing skills. Provide him with a clip board, unlined paper and a variety of writing tools. Encourage him to write or draw pictures that represent easy tasks he can complete throughout the day. As he shares his work, celebrate any attempts he makes to express himself through drawing and/or writing.

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