Author: Mem Fox

6 to 11 Months

After meeting a number of baby animals—including a clever monkey, a hairy warthog, and a dusty lion cub—the baby discovers the most precious creature of all . . . herself, of course!

Exuberant rhyming text by bestselling author Mem Fox, paired with cut-paper illustrations by Caldecott-Honor recipient Steve Jenkins, make this book is an irresistible celebration of the connection between parent and child.

Before, During and After Reading

Phonological Awareness

Hold your baby gently and tell her how much she means to you. You might sing a short song about how much you love her, such as “You are My Sunshine.”

Oral Language

Touch your baby’s body parts as you read.  For example, touch your baby’s toes (monkey), nose (porcupine), and hands (lion). 

To help your baby recognize words with actions, act them out.  For example, roll your eyes (gecko), yawn (hippo), doze (leopard), and wink (owl).

Phonological Awareness

Point out the different animals in the book and make the animal sounds. Encourage your baby to imitate the sounds that you make.

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