Author: Shelley Rotner and Amy Goldbas

24 to 35 Months Nonfiction

Your child will enjoy looking and talking about the beautiful photographs in this book. Pictures include the many kinds of homes there are and the people who live in them. Simple text describes the different ways one can feel in his home. Use the photographs to encourage conversations or to find things that relate to your child’s life.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Use the picture on the front cover to help your child make a prediction as to what the story might be about. You might say: “The title of this book is Home. I see a little girl opening the door. Where do you think she is?”

Letter Knowledge

Use the title of the book to play a letter matching game. Gather uppercase magnetic letters that spell HOME. Spread the letters on the floor. Touch and say each letter in the title and invite your child to find the matching magnetic letter. You might say: “This is the letter H. can you find a letter H? This is the letter O. Can you find the letter O?” Continue with the remaining letters.

Phonological Awareness

Listen for beginning sounds. Look at the photographs and bring attention to things in the photos that start with the /m/ sound (e.g., mommy, man, music, milk, meal). For example: “Look at this family.  Where’s the Mommy? The word mommy starts with the /m/ sound. Can you touch the man? Man starts with the /m/ sound. Look at the kitten. What sound does a kitten make? When you say meow, I can hear the /m/ sound.”    

Beginning Writing

“Paint” with water. Give your child a paintbrush and bucket of water. Let your child “paint” your home, sidewalk, or fence with water. Ask your child to copy you as you move the brush up and down in straight lines or around and around in curves and circles. What else can you find to paint such as windows, doors, garage, plants, or toys?