Author: Mary Murphy

Birth to 5 Months Predictable TextStorybooks

High contrast, black-and-white images mixed with a few bright colors are sure to catch your baby’s eye. The animals in this book are overjoyed and excited over the news of a baby. Each one boasts about seeing the sweet “tiny little thing” and the ways they've shown their love.

Before, During and After Reading

Beginning Writing

Holding your baby in your lap, lay him on your legs so that he’s facing you. Introduce a soft rubber duck within his visual field and allow your baby to look, touch, and explore the duck. Encourage your baby to reach for the duck and see if you can get him to hold the small duck in his hand.  

Oral Language

As you read to your baby, act out the book with him. When the book says, “I saw the baby! Did you see the baby?” Pretend to look for your baby and then find him with a gasp. You might say:

There is my baby!

When the book says, I sang to the baby! Did you sing to the baby?, sing a sweet lullaby, like Rock-a-Bye Baby. Continue this throughout the book, bringing the story to life for your baby.

Phonological Awareness

Sit your baby in your lap so that he’s facing you. Talk to him as you hold his hands. You might say:

Hello sweet boy! How is my little baby doing today?

Then, follow your baby’s lead. Any time he makes a sound, coo or babble, repeat the sound, coo or babble back to him and then wait to see what he will do. Continue this until your baby is no longer interested. Babbling with your baby is the first step in developing phonological awareness, as it gives him the practice of hearing and playing with sounds.

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