Author: Anna McQuinn

3-Year-Olds Storybooks

Lola Loves Stories, and in this delightful book it is easy to see that she not only loves when they are read to her, but she also loves to bring the stories to life through dramatic play. Each day of the week, Lola’s mom or dad reads to her and then she uses that book to guide her imaginative play, involving her friends, parents and even stuffed animals. After reading this book, your young child will feel encouraged to act out the stories, just like Lola.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Create a list of stories and books that your child loves for you to read. Read the title of the book, Lola Loves Stories. Change the title of the book to your child’s name and ask your child to tell you which stories or books he loves and why. You can share some of the stories you loved  to hear when you were child, too.


Letter Knowledge

As you read the story, touch the uppercase ‘L’ for Lola’s name. Make the shape of the uppercase letter ‘L’ using the pointer finger and thumb (both pointed out straight and the other three fingers bent down). After you show your child this letter shape, say the sound that the letter ‘L’ makes and have your child trace over the shape on your hand with his/her index finger. Then help your child make the letter shape with his left hand.  


Phonological Awareness

Use words from the story to create games that help your child listen to the sounds in words. For example, you might clap the syllables in the word Lola like this:

“Lo…la  loves stories.”

clap  clap

Now change Lola to your child’s name, your name or the name of a family or friend.

You might say:

Mom…my  loves stories.

clap   clap

Dad…dy loves stories.

clap  clap


Beginning Writing

Create a book calendar to record your favorite books. Each day, have your child pick a book for you to read. Ask your child to draw the cover of the book, his favorite character, or a favorite part of the book in the square for that day. At the end of the week, show your child how many books you read over the week and how the calendar helps you to remember what day you read each book.  

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