Author: Angela Johnson

3-Year-Olds Storybooks

This recommended preschool book tells the delightful story about the love and companionship of three sisters. Join them as they experience life in the city.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Introduce the book. Tell your child the title, author and illustrator of the book. Count how many girls are on the cover. Ask your child who she thinks these girls might be (friends, sisters, cousins). Look at the cityscape in the background. Ask your child to use the picture as a clue to predict where the girls live (city or country).   

Oral Language

Talk about the illustrations. As you read this engaging story, take time to talk and ask questions about the pictures on each page. The girls are playing dress-up. Does your child like to play dress-up? The girls are playing hopscotch. What kinds of games does your child like to play outside? The girls ride in a taxi. Has your child ever ridden in a taxi? What is a taxi? The children ride in a subway. What is a subway?

Beginning Writing

Draw a family picture. In this story, there are three children in the family, the mom and the dad. You might ask, How many people are in your family? Give your child unlined paper and crayons and ask your child to draw a picture of her family.

After you read, you might take a few minutes to complete the Preschool Reading Screener. It can give you an idea of where your three-year-old is on the path to reading readiness, and comes with instant results and a plan for moving forward. Or, explore easy at-home activities to help strengthen your three-year-old's reading readiness skills