Here‘s an opportunity to actively engage your toddler with singing and movement using “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

Self portraits are always fun. This activity can give your child an opportunity to express herself while giving you a glimpse of what makes her happy or sad.

Activities that strengthen and train the muscles in the hands and fingers are important skills in learning to write. Bringing all five fingers together in order to hold a pencil/crayon takes time and coordination. In this activity, your child will develop her fine motor skills by stringing beads.

Cutting with scissors is a skill that progresses through stages. As your child learns to cut with scissors, this activity will give your child practice with a variety of shapes and textures.

Using the thumb and index finger to pick up objects is a big advancement in fine motor development. It is these early experiences that prepare your child to have the fine motor and eye-hand coordination she will need later for drawing and writing.

Children at this age can begin to copy a circle, cut on a line and make horizontal strokes. The strokes of a paintbrush are effective and fun for your child at this stage of development. This activity gives your child some painting fun.