This activity uses bottle caps in a variety of sizes and colors. Your child will have fun examining the similarities and differences he sees.

Stimulate your child’s vocabulary and conversation skills by playing this guessing game.

Help your child create her own book showcasing some of her favorite things. She will be both the author and the illustrator for this book (with your help, of course!).

Air Writing is a process that gives your child a whole body experience when writing uppercase and lowercase letters in the air.

Gazing and pointing develop naturally for infants and you may not have paid attention to them. You can use this activity to notice the development of gazing and pointing skills in your baby.

Small details and shapes of letters are how we tell letters apart. Talk with your child about the characteristics of letters to help her learn to distinguish them. In this activity, children will compare letter shapes as they learn the names of letters.

At the beginning stages of learning the alphabet, start by concentrating on the letters in your child’s name, especially the first letter. Children enjoy learning about their names. These are their favorite letters!