Play games that involve music and movement to help your child develop beginning reading skills like listening and speaking.

This simple, self-directed drawing activity will help your child develop the skills needed for later writing success.

This activity gives your child lots of opportunities to practice pairing of letter names and letter sounds.

Take advantage of your child’s interest in grabbing items and putting them into containers to help develop the fine motor skills he will need for future writing.

Your baby’s grasping skills are developing at this age. Have her “help” with sorting the laundry to practice these emerging skills!

Your baby is learning how to organize his attention between himself, another person and a third object. This fun game will help support his development of establishing and maintaining his attention to simple objects.

Young kids love to make things disappear. Let your child find and then erase the letters you name as you chant: I see the letter ___ today. Can you make it go away?

This fun game will help your child look and find the letters that have a peek-a-boo hole to look through or put her little fingers in.

Let your toddler experiment with sorting by color with this simple pom-pom activity.