In this delightful and relatable tale, Llama Llama is excited for the holidays, but grows overwhelmed by all the festivities and the endless wait for presents! Mama Llama, quick to calm and soothe Llama Llama, reminds him of the true gifts of the season.

When a dog falls in love with the cat next door, he does all he can to express how he feels. Despite the dog's best efforts, the cat just doesn’t understand him, and thinks he's like any other dog who dislikes cats. But when the dog expresses himself through the universal language of music, the cat finally understands -- and their friendship blossoms.

Cora loves the smells and sounds of cooking in the kitchen! Her Mama cooks delicious Filipino food while her older siblings help by slicing vegetables and stirring noodles. When she gets her chance to help Mama in the kitchen, Cora does a great job, impressing her family with the pancit dish that was Grandpa’s recipe.

In "Take Away the A," the authors use clever illustrations to demonstrate the removal of letters and sounds from words -- creating completely new words with new meanings. Use this book to play with words and sounds to strengthen your child’s pre-reading skills.

Chu, a lovable little panda with a big sneeze, is the star of this series of books written by award-winning author Neil Gaiman. In this book, Chu worries about his first day of school, but soon learns that it's a warm and accepting place.

In this beloved best-seller by Sesame Street series writer Jon Stone, Grover’s fears the monster at the end of the book, so he does everything he can to keep the reader from reaching the end.

You and your child will find much to love in this engaging story, and can use it to talk about your own family. Reading stories about the trials and joys of having a new sibling is a great way to help your child adjust to his new situation.

You can help develop your child’s decision-making and problem-solving skills by talking about real-life situations that impact health and safety.

In this easy activity, your child will practice listening for individual words in sentences.

Healthy habits are an important part of a fulfilling life. Help your child make a creative reminder of the routines we follow to keep ourselves in good health.