Author: Emily Bolam

Birth to 5 Months Concept

With a picture of an animal on one side of the page and a close-up of the animal's skin or fur on the other, this book's bold illustrations will delight your infant, who is just beginning to focus her eyes. The bumpy embossed texture on the covers and pages provide an interesting tactile experience. The animal sounds you make as you read this book will help introduce these animals to your infant’s world.

Before, During and After Reading

Cuddle with your baby on your lap and explore the book together. Show her the picture of the dog on the front cover. Name a dog your baby may know and make the sound a dog makes.  

Gently guide your infant’s hand to touch the pictures of the animal and feel the texture. Read the animal sound and say the name of the animal. Watch for your child’s reaction to your voice as you speak; mimic any sounds your baby may make as you experience this book together. 

Bring the book to life.

  • Gather a few toy animals your baby may have that were featured in the book. Hold the toy out in front of your infant and make the animal sound. 
  • Sing a song with animal sounds, like “Old MacDonald,” to your baby using the sounds from the book.

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