Author: Ann Taylor

12 to 17 Months Poetry/Songs

If your toddler loves music and movement, this is the book for her. This rhythmic book will have you dancing across the floor with your little one. See below for some engaging ways to use the book to build phonological awareness and oral language, two skills that are important to your child's reading readiness.

Before, During and After Reading

Talk about the title of the book and the cover illustration.  

Phonological Awareness

You can read the story as a poem or sing it to the tune of “Hush Little Baby.” As you sing or read the book rhythmically, your child will be exposed to the sounds of language and rhyme.  

Oral Language

Talk about what is happening in the illustrations. Dance and move with your baby as you read each page.  

Once you have read the story several times, you will likely have it memorized. After that, you will be ready to sing this delightful tune on a whim throughout the day.  

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