Author: Roberta Grobel Intrater

Birth to 5 Months Concept

During this phase of development, babies begin to learn that the pictures in a book represent sounds and word meanings. The beautifully photographed baby faces in this board book will delight little ones as they look at, touch, and share the meaning of each smiling face. This book also offers a small amount of rhyming text that will capture baby’s listening attention for sounds in our language.

Before, During and After Reading

Look for signals that your baby is alert and calm. Positioning her on your lap will encourage your baby to maintain the social communication activity of sharing the pictures in the story.


Allow your baby to explore the book by grasping the chunky pages and touching the pictures. As you and your baby are looking at each smiling baby face, comment on the feelings that might produce a smile.  You might say, Look, this baby is happy! Look at her smile! or I think this baby boy is excited! I see his smile! 

Touch the baby’s smile on each page as you say the word smile. This will help your baby make connections between the sounds of the word she hears and the picture representation.

Comment on your baby’s smiling face during pleasurable activities. Notice her response to your smiling face during routine activities like diaper changes, feeding, and bathing. Look and listen for her to smile and coo back at you!

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