Author: Woodleigh Hubbard

18 to 23 Months Concept

This story takes the reader through the alphabet of feelings with beautifully colored animals and pictures. C is for Curious offers great exposure to the alphabet, as well as an introduction to a new vocabulary of feelings. Learn how to read this book with your toddler in a way that strengthens important pre-reading skills like letter knowledge, oral language and beginning writing.

Before, During and After Reading

Letter Knowledge

Touch the letter C. After saying the title, identify and touch the letter C, and then invite your toddler to touch and trace it with her finger. Tell her that this book is all about letters. Sing the alphabet song with your toddler. 

Oral Language

Point out the letters of the alphabet as you read the related emotion. Talk about the illustrations and change the tone of your voice to reflect the emotion pictured. Invite your toddler to participate as much as possible (e.g., show an angry face, giggle).     

Beginning Writing  

Finger paint with shaving cream. Place shaving cream on a table surface. Let your toddler have fun exploring and experimenting with the shaving cream. Talk about the emotions she is showing as she finger paints with the shaving cream. 

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