Author: Lee Wade

12 to 17 Months Concept

Bring your own Cheerios® for this book activity! By now your toddler may be enjoying playtime and snack time even more than before, as she uses her fingers to point, pick up toys and eat finger foods. This unique book provides a time for play and pincer grasp practice, and also introduces new words for your toddler’s growing vocabulary.

Before, During and After Reading

Letter Knowledge

Point to and say the title of the book for your child. Perhaps she may recognize the title if you give her Cheerios® as a snack. Explain that the title is the name for the book. Identify the pictures on the front cover as well, making sure to label which is a picture and which is a word. You might say:

‘Cheerios® Animal Play Book.’ That’s the name of the book! And I see some pictures too. Here is a picture of a monkey, a picture of a butterfly, and, look! A picture of a Cheerio! You love to eat Cheerios®!


Oral Language

Have some Cheerios® handy for the in-book activity. While you and your child have fun placing the cereal O’s in their slots, take a couple of minutes to explain and expand on words that may be new for her. Some examples may include juggling, balance and decorate.

Oral Language

Talk about all of the animals that were in the book. You can demonstrate how to recall a story by reminding her of the many animals in the book that needed the cereal O’s. Perhaps you can even make the animal sound as you reintroduce each animal in your conversation. For example, you might say:

Do you remember the owls in the story? Some of them needed glasses so they could see well. The owl says ‘hoo, hoo.’

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