Author: Penelope Arlon and Tory Gordon-Harris

4-Year-Olds ConceptNonfiction

Have you ever visited a pig farm, a cattle ranch or a fruit farm? Have you ever compared a duck to a chicken or wondered where the fruit in grocery stores come from? Find out more about farm life, farm animals and farm machines in this easy-to-read book full of farm facts and photographs.

Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Picture Walk Predictions: Before you read, hand the book to your child. Ask him to look at the pictures inside the book and to make a prediction about what’s in the book.

You might say:

Look at the pictures inside this book. What do you think this book will be about?

Encourage your child to expand on his answer by asking him why he made the prediction and to share the clues that helped him.

You might say:

What did you see to make you think that?

 If he points to a photograph but cannot explain what he sees, provide a simple description. For example, if he points to a field with hay, you might say:

You see hay in a field. That is a clue that this book is about a farm. Hay grows on a farm for cows to eat.

Letter Knowledge 

Farm Cheer: The word farm is printed on many pages throughout the book. Write the word farm on a piece of paper in neat large letters as it appears in the book. As you look through the book and discuss the pictures together, see if your child can match the word farm on his piece of paper to the word farm that appears on the page. Each time he finds the word farm, touch and spell the word together.

F-a-r-m, what does that spell? Farm, Farm, Farm.

Give a “high five” for F.

Beginning Writing

Plan a visit to a local farm in your area or watch a video about farming. Before your visit, make a list and draw a picture of what you might see on the farm. When you arrive at the farm, use your list to check to see if your predictions were correct. After your visit is complete, write a thank you note to the farmer, or send an email thanking him for sharing his knowledge with your family and enclose a photograph or drawing of your visit.

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