Author: Neal Layton

6 to 11 Months ConceptNonfiction

In this book, animal illustrations showcase the different patterns that animals have, such as a dog’s spots or a zebra’s stripes. The words on each page name the pattern for your baby. Each colorful illustration is placed on a contrasting background to help your baby focus on the design and introduce colors.

Before, During and After Reading

Let your baby sit and cuddle with you on your lap and explore the book together. The large pictures and bright colors will draw baby’s attention to the book.

Touch the pattern on the animal as you read the word on each page. Elaborate by talking about the picture using the name of the animal.For example, you might read “spots”and then say “The dog has spots.”

Let your baby hold the book and touch the pictures as you read. If your baby points to an animal, respond to the movement by saying, “That is a dog. This dog has spots. I can touch the spots, can you?”


Identify patterns for your baby the next time you see one in your daily routine. Patterns can be on a toy, a blanket or clothing. Make sure to touch the pattern while your baby is looking at it. For example, you might touch a blanket with stripes and say, “Look, I see stripes on this blanket.”