Author: Ann Morris

3-Year-Olds ConceptNonfiction

Many young children are fascinated by vehicles and ways to travel. In this recommended children's book, Ann Morris introduces children to different methods of travel around the world. On the Go will take your child around the globe to Peru, India, Hong Kong, Egypt, and Australia.

Before, During and After Reading

Letter Knowledge and Print Awareness

Introduce the front cover. Read the title, the name of the author and the words “Photographs by Ken Heyman.” Ask your child if she knows what those words mean. Explain that the pictures in this book are photographs that have been taken with a camera. Briefly define and describe what a photographer does. Ask your child to talk about what she sees in the photograph.

Talk about the difference between words and pictures. You might say:

Sometimes just by looking at the pictures we are not exactly sure what the story will be about. Words can help us understand what is happening in a book. On the cover of this book we see the words, 'On the Go.' What do you think these words help us to know about this book?

Track under the words as you read the title.


Letter Knowledge and Print Awareness

As you read through the pages in the book, give your child some print-related tasks, such as:

  • Touch a picture.
  • Touch a word.
  • Touch a letter.
  • Point to the page that has more words.
  • Touch the words that are at the top of the page. Touch the words at the bottom of the page.

Oral Language

Use picture clues to guide discussions about the people and places found in the book. Here are some examples:

  • Tell me about this picture.
  • Tell me a vehicle that flies in the air.
  • Name something that has wheels.
  • Where do you think the rocket might be going?
  • Do you ever see people riding on camels in our neighborhood?

Oral Language

Ask a connection question. For example:

  • Have you ever ridden on a _____? (choose a form of transportation like bus, airplane, train)
  • What do you see when we go for a ride in our car?
  • Show your child some family photographs that would relate her experiences of being on the go or traveling somewhere.

Beginning Writing

Give your child a blank piece of paper and crayons. Talk about some of the ways that people in the storybook traveled. They traveled on foot; on horses and camels; and aboard trains, trolleys and buses. They were on boats, helicopters and airplanes. Ask your child which picture or vehicle was her favorite. Ask her to draw a picture of it.  

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