Author: Scholastic

6 to 11 Months Concept

This delightful little board book takes you and your baby on an adventure to the park on a lovely day! Invite her to see the clouds, smell a flower and hear a “quack” from a duck!


Before, During and After Reading

Oral Language

Begin the activity by looking at the cover of the book with your baby. Describe what she is seeing while providing new, descriptive and simple vocabulary. You might say:

Look at that cute little baby! He’s smiling and having fun in that blue swing!

Always aim to speak slowly and dramatically with new words, especially words that have more than one syllable.

Oral Language

While reading the short sentences on each page, act them out. Every page has a sentence relating to a sensory function. For example, as you the read the sentence “I hear a duck quack,” point to your ears. You may even expand and talk about other things your baby can hear while playing at the park.

Letter Knowledge and Print Awareness

After the story, let your baby hold the book. Here, she can be given time to look at the print and imagery at her own pace. Provide some sentences and words while she is intently looking at a picture or word.

Oral Language

Take your little one to the park. It can help make your book activity a true multisensory experience. Feel the breeze, hear the birds singing and touch the sand! Talk about what you are seeing, hearing and doing.

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