Author: Charles Reasoner

6 to 11 Months Poetry/Songs

Adorable sheep hide from their shepherd in this fun, classic nursery rhyme. You and your baby will be able to find the sheep easily, even when Mary cannot. Bold print and word balloons guide you through the story. This sturdy board book is even cut around the illustrations, giving the appearance of peeking sheep!

Before, During and After Reading

Position your baby comfortably in your lap. The pages of this board book are thick and sturdy, so encourage your baby to touch and hold the book with you. She may even want to help turn the pages by grasping onto the peeking sheep on the right side of the book.

Get into the rhythm and rhyme. The book is nicely paced with a little of the rhyme on each page. Take your time as you read the text and find the sheep with your baby. You can touch the sheep on each page and make baa sounds! Keep the book close enough so your baby can touch and pat the pictures as you read.

Continue the learning. Keep making animal sounds for your baby! You can use stuffed toys or other picture books to talk about other animals. Listen and look for your baby’s responses (noises, hand flapping, kicking). Keep the book with other toys that baby can choose during playtimes.

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