Author: Melanie Walsh

18 to 23 Months ConceptNonfiction

The book has simple, adorable illustrations of children in familiar situations. You and your child will be able to easily discuss and relate to the book. Children will learn that, although people can look very different, we still have many things in common.

Before, During and After Reading

Share photos of family and friends. Gather some photographs of family or friends. Sit with your child and look at the photos and talk about what is the same or what is different.

Use the title to help your child make a prediction as to what the story might be about.  You might say:

“The title of this book is My Nose, Your Nose. Show me my nose. Show me your nose. What do you think this book will be about?”

Introduce the front cover of the book and talk about what you see. Look at the picture on the cover and ask your child what she thinks the story will be about. You might say: “Look at the front cover of this book. What do you see? Do you see a nose? What do you think this book will be about? Let’s find out.”

Relate the story to your child’s own experiences. Talk about what the child in the story is doing in the picture. Think about a time when your child may have had the same experience and talk about how it made him feel.  

Have a mirror available as you read. Ask your child to show you where that particular body part is on his body or to look in the mirror and find the body part.  


Ask your child to draw a self portrait. Invite your child to look in the mirror at his eyes, nose, mouth, hair color, tongue and cheeks. Encourage him to draw a picture of himself.

More to Do

Teach your child the poem I Have Two Eyes and act out the parts.

I have two eyes to see with (point to eyes)
I have two feet to run (run in place)
I have two hands to wave with (wave both hands)
And nose I have but one (touch nose)
I have two ears to hear with  (put hands behind ears listening)
And a tongue to say “Good day.”  (say good day and wave)


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