Llama Llama Red Pajama

3-Year-Olds Poetry/SongsStorybooks

Mama Llama puts Baby Llama to bed. Baby Llama calls for his mama. When she doesn’t come immediately, his cries become louder and more frantic. There’s lots of llama drama until Mama Llama arrives to make everything better.

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Eating the Alphabet

3-Year-Olds ConceptNonfiction

What foods has your child tried? Can you think of fruits and veggies beyond the standard apples, oranges, carrots, and broccoli? The colorful foods illustrated in this simple book will have you and your child wanting to try to “eat the alphabet!”

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Lola Loves Stories

3-Year-Olds Storybooks

Lola Loves Stories, and in this delightful book it is easy to see that she not only loves when they are read to her, but she also loves to bring the stories to life through dramatic play.

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