Author: Margaret Miller

Birth to 5 Months Concept

Babies love to look at faces. This award-winning book features real photographs of infants with more than just hats on their heads. With silly and fun images, this book lets your baby focus on the pictures while you read the simple text about what is sitting on each baby’s head.

Before, During and After Reading

Look for signs that your baby is alert and calm. Position your baby comfortably on the floor or on your lap. See if your baby will reach for and touch the book with you.

Touch areas of the book to help your baby focus. For example, you might touch the cover of the book and say “book,” or touch pictures of the cover photo and say words like “baby” and “hat.”


Touch and say the name of the picture.  For example, touch the stuffed dog and say “puppy dog.”


When your baby is alert and active, place an object on your head, such as a hat or toy, and say its name aloud. Be as silly as you want! Remove the item from your head and place it on your baby’s hand to encourage a grasping motion.


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