Your child is beginning to develop fine motor skills in his fingers and hands. This is the perfect time to add in modeling on how to form shapes and lines using a pillow cushion from a table or chair.

Gazing and pointing develop naturally for infants and you may not have paid attention to them. You can use this activity to notice the development of gazing and pointing skills in your baby.

As young children begin to use more words to communicate, they will often try to echo the sounds the adult makes, which is an important early skill for later phonological awareness development.

Toddlers love music and movement. Combine rhyme, music and movement as you sing this familiar nursery rhyme and tap out the beat.

Infants typically begin to vocalize syllables at around 6 to 11 months of age. You can be your baby’s “sound play partner” by singing or reciting familiar Mother Goose rhymes.

Being able to identify the various beginning, middle and ending sounds within words is an important next step in your child's reading readiness journey. This version of "I Spy" is the perfect game to play at home or on the go and is a great way to help your child listen for specific sounds within words.

Babies love the sound of their mother’s voice. It is soothing and comforting and is their favorite sound. Why not use the voice your baby loves to play games that involve tracking movement from left to right?

Within the first few months, your baby will develop the ability to focus on an object and track the motion of the object from left to right. As your baby grows, this awareness to details will help your baby focus on pictures, letters and words in books.

Infants enjoy looking at faces. Very young babies see faces best when they are about 8 to 12 inches away. Use your facial expressions to help your baby begin to notice changes in the things he sees.

As soon as your baby begins to "coo," you can respond to these early attempts at communication by "cooing" right back. These back- and-forth baby talk conversations let your infant know that what she has to say is important to you!