You can spark your toddler’s interest in the alphabet simply by talking and pointing to letters while you share a cozy reading session!

The simple conversations you have with your toddler during everyday activities can strengthen the foundation for his oral language development.

Drawing opportunities allow your child to work on the coordination she needs to hold a crayon, keep the paper still, and apply enough pressure to make her mark.

Chances are, your child is familiar with the first letter of his name and may even have claimed it as “his letter!” Use his natural interest in “his letter” to learn about differences and similarities in letters.

Ask for your child’s help in naming his special stuffed friends! He can use a combination of drawing and writing to create name tags for his favorite little friends.

Add some fun to rhyming with Whack-a-Rhyme! Sometimes, the addition of a simple prop can provide the motivation your child needs to pay attention and focus on a task.

From the moment she is born, you can nurture your baby’s oral language growth by providing many opportunities for her to hear new words every day.

Simple handmade materials are very effective in developing letter knowledge skills. This activity uses a homemade alphabet chart and magnetic or foam letters to provide practice in matching letters.

The slight distinctions between letters can be confusing to children. This fun activity lays the foundation for being able to distinguish similarities and differences in letters.

Using textured surfaces and bright colors is a great way to introduce your baby to letters and shapes! This do-it-yourself easy touch and feel board will quickly become a favorite toy!