The simple conversations you have with your toddler during everyday activities can strengthen the foundation for his oral language development.

Does your child love to experiment and create new things? This activity has the right combination of science, art and math.

The grocery store is a great place to develop vocabulary and practice oral language skills. The next time you’re shopping, stop by the produce department and explore the fruits and vegetables.

Make a game out of finding objects in your house that begin with the first letter of your child’s name.

In this game, you will combine a two-year-old’s love of games and their natural curiosity into a sneaky game that develops an attention to language.

Here is playful way to help your toddler develop his oral language, listening and thinking skills, which are all crucial to the development of literacy.

At about two years old, children begin to notice the different shapes, lines and circles that appear in printed materials. Create a Hall of Shapes to help your child notice the features of print.

Your child is sure to enjoy this tactile experience of peeling off and sticking on – and he’ll be working on his fine motor skills too.

Some two-year-olds may not show interest in drawing, but love to take the marker lids off and try to put them back on. Allow your child to explore markers and writing this way!

Encourage your toddler’s growing independence by giving him a simple task to do. Helping out will give him a feeling of pleasure and power and is a great opportunity for him to describe what he is doing.