Here is an activity that will encourage your child to describe what he sees, express his thoughts and ideas and have fun talking on the phone with you.

Your child can continue to work on her observation skills by playing this fun game using a collection of uppercase magnetic alphabet letters in different colors.

Once your 5-year old has mastered learning letters and their sounds, he is ready to begin to put those sounds together to build simple words. Before your child can see how the sounds in words come together, he must first be able to hear how sounds come together. This activity brings your child one step closer to becoming a reader.

If your preschooler delights in all things silly and fun, he will enjoy this game. As you play together, you will be helping your child pay attention to the ending sounds in words, and helping him discover what it means when we say that two words rhyme.

Learning that words break down into smaller sound units is an important pre-reading skill. You can help your toddler start to listen for the smaller parts, or syllables, in the names of common items from around your home.

There’s a good chance your 3-year-old loves to talk and has gotten pretty good at it! Now you can work on strengthening his developing listening skills. This fun game will help your little one listen carefully and discover that words can break apart into smaller sound units.