Wash Up! features a variety of realistic photographs of the different bathing and washing practices of children from around the world.

This book features simple, rhyming text and exciting facts about the unique sleeping habits of different animals and is a great way for you and your child to explore the importance of sleep.

The next time you are working in the yard or planting a plant, give your child a chance to help out while asking questions, introducing new words and inviting him to solve problems.

Your child is beginning to develop fine motor skills in his fingers and hands. This is the perfect time to add in modeling on how to form shapes and lines using a pillow cushion from a table or chair.

In this activity, you'll use singing and movement to build an awareness of language patterns, syllables and alliteration.

At this age, drawing is an important stage in your child’s writing and a way for her to express his creativity. Talk to her as she draws and engage her in conversation to get a glimpse of how she is organizing her ideas.

Here is a fun game to play that will help expose your child to the letter shapes, learn the letter names and hear the letter sounds.

Here is an activity that will encourage your child to describe what he sees, express his thoughts and ideas and have fun talking on the phone with you.

Take a look at some recommended books that have lots of rhyme and language repetition to help expose your little one to these important phonological awareness skills in a fun and natural way.

This fun activity starts with singing a familiar finger play song and adds a stringing activity that will get her little fingers moving in lots of ways.