Your child is now imitating the language she hears and creating her own language. The next time she brings something to you, take advantage of the opportunity to extend conversation and even engage in some dramatic play.

To help her realize that words can begin with the same sound, gather a collection of items that begin with one sound. Use these items to make some fun Silly Soup.

This unique book is interactive, whimsical and quite genius! You and your child will be amazed at what happens when you follow the simple directions on each page. You have to experience it!

Children never tire of hearing how much you love them! This is a wonderful and heartwarming bedtime story to help you express your love for your little one and let him know just how much he is loved.

Many two-year-olds can learn to hold a pair of safety scissors and cut along a line. Under supervision, you can provide age-appropriate cutting experiences for your child.

Have you ever bought your child a new toy and he was more interested in playing with the box than the toy? Turn this into an opportunity to build your child’s letter knowledge in a fun way.

During this special Teddy Bear Birthday Party, you and your child will communicate using two- and three-word phrases!

Your 2-year-old may be able to recall repetitive parts to familiar songs, fingerplays, and nursery rhymes. Create song cards and invite your child to choose a card to sing or say.

Grab a crayon so you and your child can explore this interactive story featuring the little dog, Blue, from the television series Blue’s Clues. Assist Blue through a colorful board book, using your child’s own drawings to complete the story right in the book! The pages wipe clean so the book can be enjoyed repeatedly.

This story is about a little boy and his family and their daily routine at the truck stop that they own and is a fun book for young truck lovers.