Author: Yana Pell

Birth to 5 Months ConceptNonfiction

This oversized board book features a variety of facial expressions through 12 works of contemporary art from world artists. Each page contains a single distinct face constructed of lines, patterns and bold colors that will attract your baby’s attention. The last page contains a mirrored surface, for your baby’s reflection.

Before, During and After Reading

Look for signs that your baby is alert and calm. Position your baby comfortably on the floor or on your lap. The book is large and sturdy and can be propped open to see each page.


To help guide your baby’s eyes to the book and the picture, touch the face that appears on each page. Say simple words that relate to each face, such as “girl” or “smile.”

Watch for responses from your baby, such as noises, smiles and body movements. Looking away from the book or crying is a sign that it is time to put the book away for a while.


While holding your baby on your lap, position the last page so you can see the two of you in the mirror. Smile and speak to your baby by name. Point to your reflections and continue to talk aloud.

Try the activity Look at You! to continue the reflection fun. Or, browse more books for babies up to five months.