Author: Roger Priddy

12 to 17 Months ConceptNonfiction

This large board book has beautiful photographs of people, places and things your little one may encounter both inside and outside of the house. The pictures are labeled with corresponding words, and the questions posed on each page will keep your little one interested while building vocabulary.

Before, During and After Reading

Get comfortable, relaxed, and ready to read. Look at this book when your child is fed and well-rested.  This is a large book with many pictures on a page, so consider looking at only a few pages at a time, following your child’s cues. Sit with your child in your lap and invite her to hold the book and turn the pages.  


Sweep your finger under the words from left to right. Say the name of the picture as you sweep your finger under the word from left to right.  

Let your child connect the pictures in the book with real life items. For example, you might ask your child to touch the shoes in the photograph and then to touch the shoes on her feet. You might say: These are shoes. Can you say shoes? Where are your shoes?

Add sound effects or dramatize your voice as you look at the pictures. For example, when looking at the tractor, talk about how it is used and the sound it makes. This is a tractor. Let’s pretend to drive the tractor. Vroom, vroom, we are driving the tractor!


Relate your child’s toys and routines to the book. Make connections to the book. For example: Here is your toy telephone. We saw a picture of a telephone in the book. Look, here is the picture. Can you say hello to grandma?

Show the pages in the book before a routine. For example, show the pictures associated with mealtime before you feed your child.  

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