Creating games for two-year-olds is a great way to get them interested in letters. With this simple hide-and-seek game, use their natural curiosity and desire to play to introduce letter names.

For this activity, your child will learn how the way things are said can change how they feel and sometimes what they mean.

You can foster the development of your baby’s hand grasp by placing an infant rattle or soft toy in the palm of her hand and letting her close her fingers around the object.

Your child’s name is special to you and to your toddler. Why not use the first letter of your child’s name to spark an interest in letters? After all, there is no letter as exciting as that one for your child!

Babies and toddlers are constantly listening to and absorbing the sounds of language they are exposed to in the environment. By encouraging your child to listen carefully as you speak, you are helping to nurture his listening skills.