Peekaboo Bedtime illustrates a toddler’s game of peekaboo with everyone he sees on his way to bed. Beautiful and large illustrations of smiling faces will engage even the youngest eyes. As your baby grows into a toddler, she will enjoy the predictable text and visual clues that hint as to what is coming next. Bedtime stories are a great way to help your baby relax and build beginning reading skills.

This wordless black-and-white picture book will make your baby’s first reading experiences fun, engaging and memorable! This book was designed with your baby’s eyes in mind, so that she can see the images clearly. Use this book to introduce her to new animal words and maybe even funny animal sounds.

Calm & Soothe Baby Gym Board Book shows you how to bond with your baby through reading, touching, singing, and more.

In this baby book, the rhythm and rhyme of the words, as well as the soft illustrations of fun animals, will bring a smile to both you and your sleepy little one.

Help your baby greet the morning sun with a smile! Invite him to say good morning to all of the fun little critters in this book.

A relaxing routine for baby makes bedtime an enjoyable and peaceful time for the entire family. You might begin a bedtime routine for your little one with a warm bath and massage. Follow up by reading Beddy-bye, Baby and letting your child explore the touch-and-feel pages.

This soft, brightly colored rhyming book is perfect for young eyes and little hands to explore. As you turn the crinkling pages, the book’s images allow for visual, auditory and tactile sensory experiences that you and your baby can enjoy together.

Black and white high-contrast images help to stimulate babies’ visual and brain development. Here is an activity that introduces basic shapes and images to help set the stage for letter learning.

As your baby hears new words and explores new materials, creative water play will stimulate her language and cognitive development, important parts of pre-reading development.

Rich sensory experiences (like feeling different textures) help introduce fine motor hand movements, which can strengthen beginning reading and writing skills as your baby grows.