Here is a fun game to play that will help expose your child to the letter shapes, learn the letter names and hear the letter sounds.

Fill up a large plastic bowl with cooked spaghetti and let your toddler explore. Describe what you see your little one do as she experiments with this new medium.

Next time you get a shipment delivered to your home, keep the bubble wrap. Let your toddler excite in the popping explosion!

Take a look at some recommended books that have lots of rhyme and language repetition to help expose your little one to these important phonological awareness skills in a fun and natural way.

Your child's first name is very special to him and holds emotional appeal. This activity will give him practice finding the letters in his name. Those are the letters that he will most likely learn first.

This fun activity starts with singing a familiar finger play song and adds a stringing activity that will get her little fingers moving in lots of ways.

Here is a simple activity that will encourage your child to tell you about an amazing adventure she is about to take you on, introducing them to unfamiliar words and experiment with new sounds.

In this activity, your child will learn to use objects to visually represent the sounds in words. In order to become strong readers and spellers, children must learn to segment and blend individual sounds in words.

In this activity, your child can enter Shoe World, where she will have fun wearing new shoes while she learns to describe and make observations about them.