Black and white high-contrast images help to stimulate babies’ visual and brain development. Here is an activity that introduces basic shapes and images to help set the stage for letter learning.

As your baby hears new words and explores new materials, creative water play will stimulate her language and cognitive development, important parts of pre-reading development.

Play games that involve music and movement to help your child develop beginning reading skills like listening and speaking.

This simple, self-directed drawing activity will help your child develop the skills needed for later writing success.

Pre-writing skills are learned through play, and this sensory experience will help your child develop her hand muscles, work on fine motor skills and express herself creatively.

Your child will distinguish objects by touch in this activity. Start by letting your child identify common toys and household objects.

Make a folder game to help your child practice color words. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to create a fun and interactive activity for your preschooler.

Listen! Look! Splat! will motivate your preschooler to have fun with sight words. Sight words are words that appear frequently but that can't easily be sounded out. Learning sight words helps children become more confident readers. The addition of a simple prop will give your child an active and multisensory experience as he practices sight words. Read more…

Children love “fingerpainting” with shaving cream. It’s fun, easy to clean up and irresistible to little ones!