Your baby will enjoy discovering the items under the flaps of this book. From tickles to cuddles and more, each flap hides a picture of a familiar item your baby might encounter during bath time, dinner and bed time.

Bright pictures and simple text offer fun opportunities to identify fall colors, count objects and build your child’s vocabulary. The flaps to lift on each page will engage your toddler and keep him turning the pages to find what more there is to discover.

A relaxing routine for baby makes bedtime an enjoyable and peaceful time for the entire family. You might begin a bedtime routine for your little one with a warm bath and massage. Follow up by reading Beddy-bye, Baby and letting your child explore the touch-and-feel pages.

This interactive book is a great introduction to what is acceptable behavior for toddlers. For each inappropriate behavior, there is an alternative appropriate behavior shown under the flap.

A cranky, crying and sleepy little baby is about to go to bed. To make her feel better, she is showered with kisses and she is finally able to fall peacefully into a deep sleep. Simple text and art offer gentle, fun-filled opportunities for counting, patterns and vocabulary for different body parts.

This charming book will get your little one looking for and learning the names of body parts. Your baby is sure to start responding right away to the simple, pretty illustrations.

This adorable counting book uses hugs to teach numbers! Fun predictable sentences illustrate a number, an event during the day and a reason for hugs.

Join the cute little driver and diverse passengers on a bus ride all over town. You can try to read the words, but will find yourself singing along to this well-loved song.