Children need lots of experiences exploring letters. In this activity, your child will have fun making letters in a homemade gel bag.

Recognizing similarities and differences is an important pre-reading skill. This activity will help your child develop observation skills she will need to distinguish between alphabet letters.

By this age your little one has been watching your lips and seeing how certain sounds are formed. Help him become familiar with sounds by collecting pictures of objects he can point to and name.

Three-year-olds are growing rapidly in their language use. In this enjoyable game, you will be able to see your child’s progress in her understanding of spoken language.

Babies enjoy container play, especially the dumping part! The “fill and dump” activities help infants build strength and coordination of small motor muscles.

Children need lots of practice with sight words so that they can say them automatically and quickly when they see them. Learning sight words is an important step in learning to read.

During this special Teddy Bear Birthday Party, you and your child will communicate using two- and three-word phrases!

In this activity, your child will separate the beginning sound in a word from the rest of the word. This is called onset and rime, a very important pre-reading skill.

Learning about writing includes the understanding that print carries a message. This activity uses written clues to send your child on an amusing scavenger hunt, culminating with a prize at the end!

Your child can practice important small motor skills and hand-eye coordination using golf balls and paint.