When preschool children memorize and recite nursery rhymes, it helps develop their phonological awareness skills.

Add some fun to rhyming with Whack-a-Rhyme! Sometimes, the addition of a simple prop can provide the motivation your child needs to pay attention and focus on a task.

Action words can be particularly difficult for children to learn. Here’s an activity to help make learning action words fun!

Your child will distinguish objects by touch in this activity. Start by letting your child identify common toys and household objects.

Listen! Look! Splat! will motivate your preschooler to have fun with sight words. Sight words are words that appear frequently but that can't easily be sounded out. Learning sight words helps children become more confident readers. The addition of a simple prop will give your child an active and multisensory experience as he practices sight words. Read more…

One of the first words your baby will understand is her name. Help your baby make important sound connections by providing opportunities for her to hear and see her name.

Help promote your toddler’s interest and future understanding of letter names and letter sounds by making them a part of her everyday experiences. This fun activity takes letter discovery into the water.

The slight distinctions between letters can be confusing to children. This fun activity lays the foundation for being able to distinguish similarities and differences in letters.

Next time you get a shipment delivered to your home, keep the bubble wrap. Let your toddler excite in the popping explosion!